Senior Vice President’s Message

I would like to begin by thanking a lot to all the members particularly Executive Body Members on giving your trust and confidence upon my abilities and electing me as Senior Vice President of Bahawalpur Chamber of Commerce & Industry. No doubt business community is facing many challenges at now a days in smooth promotion of business.
I also realize that private sector is the engine of growth for economy and without its facilitation economy of Pakistan cannot grow upto its potential. It is the high time that business community of Bahawalpur should get united under the umbrella of Bahawalpur Chamber of Commerce & Industry by further strengthening its hands so that with joint efforts we can make our pressure in the power corridors and influence government policies for creating an inhaling environment to accelerate the growth of trade and industry.
We, as a team, will be exploring the existing trade potential of all viable sectors and will try to dig out new avenues of growth and progress for the region. We will be addressing the issues and concerns being raised by our businessmen from every sector and will negotiate it with the Government through different channels.

Hafiz Jawad Hassan
Senior Vice President