Invitation for Budget Proposals 2017-2018

You are aware that the Government shall soon start the process of inviting Budget Proposals from the Chambers of Commerce & Industry for the year 2017-18

In the light of prevailing circumstances, please send us such proposals which are
• remedial in nature and provide a quick breakthrough in enhancing revenues,
• particularly the tax-to-GDP ratio,
• broadening of the tax base, • facilitating resource mobilization and
• Spurring business activity.

Also identify harsh and irritant provisions of tax laws and make suggestions thereon
• Income Tax Ordinance 2001
• Sales Tax Act 1990
• Customs Act 1969,
• Federal Excise Act 2005
Moreover, send proposals to
• curtail smuggling,
• curtail under-invoicing/mis-declaration,
• encouraging import substitution and export oriented industries,
• facilitating recorded imports,
• discouraging the black/parallel economy,
• increasing savings and investments etc.